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What is a Reaper?

A REAPER is the bringer of death and the harvester of souls. It does not discriminate between it’s targets but chooses carefully. Although the encounter may be random the harvest is not. A REAPER is sure of what it has taken and will consume it’s prey. A true REAPER knows no off day. They study their targets to understand their movements in order to improve their odds. They train with their weapons to reduce the amount of lost harvests and feel incomplete when unable to collect. They train with other tools in order to more effectively draw in their targets. They respect other REAPERS but are not afraid to compete for the harvest.

Are you a REAPER?


A DUCK REAPER™ cannot be a sky buster. They take shots they know they can make despite missing some of the time. They do not flock shoot and know which bird they harvested.


To be a DUCK REAPER™ you do not have to be a champion caller. It’s more important to understand your limitations on the call and either leave it to another REAPER or use only what you’ve mastered.


A DUCK REAPER’S™ greatest tool is scouting. Understanding where to go and what the birds are doing is key to harvesting lots of fowl. Whether you’re on the “X” or running traffic you understand how to set up because of scouting.

Set up

No matter the situation a DUCK REAPER™ knows how to set up and hide. Whether it’s wind and sun at your back or hunting a cross wind you know how to best set up to improve your success. The fowl won’t know what hit them.

Herd Management

A BUCK REAPER™ takes pride in helping manage a healthy population. They not only strive to manage a healthy population but also try to improve the quality of the heard.

Meat Eating

Nothing drives a BUCK REAPER™ quite like a large trophy, but a close second is meat in the freezer. A BUCK REAPER™ won’t shy away from harvesting a doe for the freezer.

Scent Control

Scent control may be a BUCK REAPER’S™ best friend. Whether it’s showers, clothing, spray,
or cover scent every BUCK REAPER™ understands that the best way to hide is for them hold still and not let them smell you.

Free Range

No deer farms needed for a BUCK REAPER™. A BUCK REAPER™ does not need someone to fence in and raise their harvest for them. A BUCK REAPER™ goes where it’s necessary in order to have a successful fair chase hunt.